Keep Your Cool In Life's Biggest Moments


It's your time to shine

The spotlight is the last place you want to be worried about being hot, smelly, or sweaty. With our innovative linings and fabrics, CoolTouch eliminates those concerns - allowing you to be fully present in the moments that matter.

Cool, Calm, Comfortable

Our patented zinc formula is woven into our fabrics, making them cool to the touch. This material helps prevent overheating and perspiration, and can be added to almost any piece of formal apparel.

Don't Sweat the Big Stuff

Even if you sweat, with the moisture wicking built into our fabrics you won’t feel wetness - they pull moisture off your skin and evaporate it away, keeping you dry and comfortable.

Stay Fresh, Not Frantic

Our fabrics have antimicrobial properties, meaning odor-causing bacteria that thrive in warm, damp environments are taken care of and don’t stand a chance of ruining your big moment.

CoolTouch is excited to bring smart fabrics into the's a gift we can give to brides on one of the biggest days of their lives.

Meredith Bullock

Stay in the moment

Moments that Matter

Eliminating distractions - be fully present with smart fabrics that perform under pressure and prioritize your comfort.


The Science of CoolTouch


Stay Cool Under Pressure

Zinc is woven into our fabrics, making them cool to the touch. Having this cooling factor against the skin helps lower body temperature, making the wearer more comfortable and less likely to perspire or become flushed.


Eliminating Stink, So Don’t Sweat It

An anti-microbial coating is applied to our liner, meaning it prevents the microbes that make our perspiration emit unpleasant odors. Having this coating means that even if the wearer does sweat, no stink will follow.


Wicking Stops Moisture For You

Wicking fabrics are designed to assist the body in its natural process of cooling. Wicking fabrics pull moisture away from the skin, allowing it to evaporate away more quickly, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable.


Just The Right Amount Of Support

The fabrics have a small amount of compression built in, resulting in a smoother silhouette. This can help the user feel supported and confident.

Ready to feel the difference?

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